more about symbols

by dominicdemeyn

As this is a very new blog, I’ll explain some symbols first. These can be found at the top of this page and include a raised fist, some Neutrois colours, and a scallop shell.

The raised fist symbolises strength, but also solidarity and empowerment.

The colours represent ‘Neutrois’, a gender identity. They are represented on the fist to show my support for this identity.**

The shell is a symbol for spiritual search and pilgrimage. As I confront myself, my values, and gender/sexual identity, I will be on a journey that involves looking within myself and trying to figure out where I came from and where I am going with my life. I hope I will find some amount of self-realization, but also self-acceptance along the way.

Neutrois Niche is the name of this blog, because I identify as Neutrois and this is my niche. However, I also identify with transgenderism, with feminism, and other, mostly marginalised, ‘isms. I’m not an activist, my focus is too much on myself. However, I really hope that through increased exposure, these groups will get the recognition and respect they deserve and get what they need to live fulfilling lives.


**for more information: