Series I: Part I: The black Sheep

by dominicdemeyn

This is the first slide of the series ‘Ignomas Nobel’s educational travels into the unconscious’


Ignomas Nobel is quite the character. Though he prefers a quiet and easy life he is often thrown into the most vexing and tumultous situations. Often unbeknown to himself, he often comes close to discovering the hidden truths of existence. Through his propensity for doing nothing for a long time, he transmits a special kind of energy that is then reflected back to him by his surroundings and ultimately puts him into a meditative state where he learns more about things he never really thinks about. These revelations seem to come from a hidden source.

In this world of wonders, objects have colours they don’t usually have. In this world, one needs not think about everyday existence, only the essential exists here. Oftentimes, Ignomas only obtains glimpses of this world, for it has the power to transform itself and is extremely fluid and cannot be fully grasped.

Ignomas ventures into this space, not with a conventional method of transportation such as a yellow submarine, but with a black sheep. This sheep conducts him to places he has never been before. It is difficult to see where he is going, as he is seated in a position that only really allows him to look behind. Ignomas’s ability to be apathetic and yet curious has brought him into contact with his travel companion and he is happy with going on this journey as long as it doesn’t provide him with physical discomfort.