Series I: Part II: the indistinct (Reflection)

by dominicdemeyn

Ignomas Noble has travellled far and wide in search of something that will almost surely always escape him. That is one of the reasons why he keeps on seeking it. The sheep has left him; it just vanished into nothing when he forgot about it and turned his thoughts towards other things.

He has arrived at a place that looks familiar to him, but is very different: a lake with no opposite shore in sight. The water is like the colour of his pale skin, his image is reflected in the wavy surface. He thinks to himself how amazing it is, that in this weird land where everything is not as it seems, the indistinct reflection of his own self is so much akin to how he really is. Reality is in the bits and pieces that cannot really be distinctly perceived.

While the sombre trees frame the scene, and are bystanders to his reverie, brightly coloured stairs appear just in time to allow the wanderer to move on.