Introducing the Rating Scale

by dominicdemeyn

This page contains information, sometimes detailed, sometimes very anonymous, about people and places that are either a shameful to the cause of transgender (*) or the opposite: examples of correctness.

I hope this will help with introducing how various psychologists and other (medical) proffessionals can be when it comes to the topic of gender identity and should induce people (including me) to keep on searching for that right person, that will be able to help them along the way to self-discovery.

Psychologist (and other ‘medico’) rating scale

0 Points: the know-it-all: low emotional intelligence, lack of respect and consideration. Treats the subject as if it was inferior and if need of proper guidance by someone who knows better, and tries to impose his/her own views on the subject.

1 Point: the sissy: this person is often afraid to tackle difficult or uncomfortable topics and generalises about the subject’s various thoughts and behaviours to the point of being highly impersonal and not dealing with core issues.

2 Points: the thief: The main aim of this person seems to be the accumulation of money and reputation. Success in the business of Pscyhology comes before the subject’s interests.

3 Points: the dreamer: Often (subconsciously) tries to derail and confuse the subject, because of lack of knowledge (ignorance). Instead of admitting incompetence, he/she attempts to mask this fact by talking more about themselves or even telling the subject things that might not relate to the subject’s issues at hand, at all.

4 Points: the entrepreneur: Often a very efficient person, who does the job they have been given well and follows the rules set by the medical profession. This person is not judgmental and believes the subject has the capacity to make decisions for itself.

5 Points: the hero: Engages on a friendly, respectful level with the subject and gives affirmation validation.