The List

by dominicdemeyn

(1) Australian Psychologist (years ago): Adelaide, Australia: RATING: 0/5

-lack of respect; told me full of enthusiasm: Let’s see which one you are, let’s see what we can turn you into…I didn’t like that.

(2) Australian Psychologist (years ago): Adelaide. Australia: RATING 1/5

-very impersonal, didn’t understand the issue at hand (no idea about gender theory), told me to stop focusing on it….no useful advice.

(3a) Irish Nurse (2011): Roscommon, Ireland: RATING: 3/5

-was not qualified to deal with gender issues and kept talking about completely unrelated things, however, listened, too.

(3b) Irish Nurse (2011) Roscommon, Ireland: RATING: 4/5

-was generally respectful and accepting and even interested in the topic, had some good advice and admitted to not knowing everything.

(4) Mc Lean Clinic (2012) Mississauga, Canada: RATING: 5/5

-very friendly and helpful, increased my confidence by how they dealt with me and my ideology. Made sure I was treated well; professional organisation that does the job effectively, but also with a human component.