Nature is watching

by dominicdemeyn

As Ignomas Nobel walked up the stairs, the colours of his surroundings became less blurred. He recognized distinct shapes and familiar settings. Being a product of nature, he was intensely drawn to natural things, eventhough here, in this world, the abstract followed him wherever he went.

He felt a little bit like a foreigner, who was judged by the natives of the land for his Otherness. Usually he found peace and quiet in his little garden, where he would often go to meditate and cultivate plants that would give him pleasure (roses, lillies, daffodils and such) and sustenance (vegetables and fruits). But he was also  interested in other species of plant; he even owned a meat-eating plant that mostly cared for itself and was of not much practical value for Ignomas. And yet he cared.

This place felt like the presence of a plant that was capable of caring for itself. Here, several consciences met for the first time: the over-arching tree-forms and the comparatively little human-character-form of Ignomas Nobel. A stromg energy emanated from every object in this sphere, even the stones radiated pure life and a consience-energy that seemed to exceed that which was felt by Ignomas with living things in his home-town.

He resolved to let as much energy as he could into his own being without loosing that energy which he called his own, and which was always part of him. For there were many kinds of energy and conscience, that he knew. He was not, alas, able to bottle it up in a scientific and expedient way, but used his own physicality to carry this energy within him. There it would be safe, but there was a possibility that it would mix with his own and thereby be contaminated. How would he ever be able to know which energy was which if this happened? Mixing his and the tree- and othe life-forms’ energy could result in a new type, which even would not have been categorised yet.

Would it even be possible to take away something precious from this world and place it into his own? Would it survive or disintegrate? The best thing for now was to wander in the forests and fields of consciousness and absorb the pure fresh ether (living spirit) of its inhabitants. Their curiosity signalled to Ignomas that they, too, were wondering about this foreign creature and willing to communicate.