A lot has changed since I started out…

by dominicdemeyn

…blogging. And yet I still feel as if I just published my first post, a bit insecure, wondering who might read it, if anyone really is interested in what I write.

Right now, I’m a bit stressed: My mom is here to visit and I am trying hard to change the standards of how I am adressed: I’m trying  to make my family agree with me on some new gender terms and conditions and it feels like a full time committment (which I’m not usually very good at):

I am thinking of changing jobs and have already gone through the Interview process, but am so clumsy that I lost the number of the person I was meant to call. Then my phone, of course, was set on call divert, and that did not give a good impression.
There was a misunderstading about cancelling my work agreement with the agency, and now this new workplace relation has gotten off to a bad start.

I’m looking for a new place, since my landlord is coming back soon to take over again. I have just gotten used to this one, and now I have to leave again very soon. The area is great for jogging and strolling along the riverbank. I might have to move further into the city.

My wordpress blog is giving me a bit of a headache, because I am not able to reply to all of the comments and am almost wishing to go back to the start, where my blog was still neat. I am happy that a lot of people have read my posts, but this sudden exposure has also made me fret: I am now under duress to produce more blog posts and more quality material.

I thank people for taking an interest in this space and hope they won’t be disappointed by my lack of communication and topics. I would like to adress more diverse issues, but I don’t really know much about them and don’t really feel qualified to write on anything other than my own ideas and feelings. I tend to read and think more and often I just want to share what others wrote, because I usually find that more interesting than my own stuff.

I want to continue with art and photography, as well, because art is the medium with which I am able to express myself more fully and personally. Writing is still an experiment that I enjoy doing, but that is often incoherent and not well organised. I tried writing a short story once, and it just never really ended….



Yours truly,


Dominic Demeyn.