Series I, Part III: the Dandelion

by dominicdemeyn

Having been conscious of nature’s energy and the subtle variations in energy forms, ignomas Nobel watched one of his favourite plants. He gazed at the delicate form of a lonesome dandelion. First he only recognised the general shape and the white fringes of petals.

But movement came into teh scene when the wind started whirling around. The petals lossened and revealed a curious freight. Tiny orange figures were hanging onto the petals and were lifted up in the air.

“Where were they heading?”, thought Ignomas to himself. “What would await them wherever they would land?”

He continued to watch in amazement as the figures slowly disappeared out of sight, seemingly kept aloft not only by the power of the wind, but by their own desire to travel to somewhere.

These little creatures reminded him that he, too, felt like he was out and about long enough. He had almost forgotten that he had a home and a garden to care for and friends of his own. He wondered how he would get back home now, he did not know the way, never really knew the way back.

But then he thought more about the little orange people and how they could just hang onto a fragment of life and transport to another place. Ignomas put all his mental energy into thinking about his own little place, his garden, his front porch. He thought abuot all the details he could muster, so as to make the image more real.

It did not take long and then he could actually feel what it was like to be back there, to sit in his resting cahir and read a good book or stand in the entrance way and put down his umbrella after a walk in the rain.

He felt like he was home already.