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Month: August, 2012

link to article ‘Lies about transgender people (and how to spot a rubbish journalist)’

I would like to write so much stuff and focus on words rather than go out and do stuff. I wish I was better with words and could express myself more openly and without always doubting my word choices, my sentence structure or the way I put phrases together.

I am starting a new job on Saturday (what a great day to start work). It’ll be within reach of lots of people, at a major airport, and I’m thrilled to have been given this opportunity but am also very nervous. I hope I won’t get too many things wrong, I hope I’ll make a decent impression.

That’s why right now I can’t write, I can’t even form proper sentences in my head. This often happens when I have a lot of ideas in my head, they whirl around in there for a while until I feel more settled and comfortable and then I can talk. Luckily I can still read.

So here’s a link to a post @ The Independent Blogs by author Paris Lees:

Lies about transgender people (and how to spot a rubbish journalist)

“The philosophy of becoming supercedes the philosophy of being…”

quoted in ‘The Aesthetics of Transhumanism’ by Natashe Vita-More, 22.04.2011,


The philosophy of becoming is the philosophy of evolving.

We should ask ourselves: have we already reached a stage in human evolution we are comfortable with?

What am I that makes me human, what am I that makes me humane?


Being human is simple, becoming human is almost beyond human capabilities. Being human is what we are now, becoming more human is what we should aspire to.

I’m not only talking about human form and design, the shape which represents us…but ideals, impressions, expressions.

We are the post-modern human, living in a world filled with technological advance. And yet, are we so different from our ancestors? We might be able to stave off disease more easily, to travel the world more quickly, to communicate more easily, but what about philosophy and social change, what about our language and behaviour?

Why is humanity still called ‘man-kind’? Why, with all our potential to help eachother and use technology for our benefit do people in third-world countries still starve? Why is there a third world? Why is there still poverty, greed, fundamentalism, murder, rape?


We have not evolved, at least not beyond ourselves.

We can’t say we live in a better future, when half of us are dying because they lack food, water and shelter. How can we say we are modern, when half of us are killed because of a lack of human rights. When the most vulnerable people in society are targeted BECAUSE they are most vulnerable.

We should measure our humanity through looking at the status of our most destitue members, by looking at the weakest, most vulnerable. By looking at our social systems (the law, healthcare, environmental legislation) and our entrenched beliefs (about ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality).

We are far from a wondrous golden age. We are repressed, we are lied to and controlled, mostly by our very own governments, we are harassed by people of the same country, the same faith, the same family. Dictatorships don’t just exist in the middle east or some communist country, they exist in materialistic minds and capitalist hearts.

As long as people are a commodity and tossed around by the forces of capitalism and gratification of the senses, no amount of scientific progress will be able to help us.

I’m not saying we need religion, there’s enough of that already, but we need to start believing in progress, not materialistic progress, but humane progress.

Or are we all too human to do that?



poor little darling

man knows pain

Ramblings about a remark my Dad made two days ago

Recently I told my Dad that I had had a breast removal operation.

He had noticed that I had lost weight and looked healthier than usual, so he thought I had done lots of sports or something. Anyway, I saw this talk as a good opportunity to reveal my little not-so-secret secret. He wasn’t that surprised, because I had told him of my desire to change my body nearly 2 years ago.

He was pretty supportive, and didn’t slam the ‘that’s immoral!’, or ‘that’s ugly!’, or ‘you’ll destroy your future!’ and ‘nobody will ever want you!’ against my head. My Mum is much more negative towards my decision, though she supports me, too.

I am happy that they aren’t rejecting me or criticising me everyday for my actions and my continued desire to struggle against being gendered. They never needed to fight to get their gender accepted, neither did my brothers, so they don’t understand what it feels like and how immensely important it is.

One day whilst talking about my ‘transition’ my Dad said “Well, you can still have children without breasts. Even mothers who are normal don’t breastfeed, so that’s not a problem”.¬† When he saw my evil stare, he then quickly added: “If you wanted to”.

I didn’t explode then and there, though if he was observant enough, he would have seen in my eyes that I was very offended at his off-hand remark. He basically said I could still be a woman and perform like¬† a woman eventhough I had repeatedly told him that I am NOT A WOMAN.

I tried to turn my anger into constructive criticism, and told him straight away that the problem with his theory that I could still have children and be a woman was that I am NOT a woman but a Neutrois and I NEVER want children. I then proceeded to remind him that if he’s at all interested in my health and well-being, he should never bring up the words ‘woman’, ‘children’, ‘breasts’ again in that context in relation to me. I have nothing to do with these aspects of other peoples’ lives or desires.

I think for all his wisdom, experience, and good intentions, my Mum and my Dad are still entangled in traditional gender roles. They are overwhlemed by new ideas and cannot even fathom that there are three genders, let alone that there are even more. They also still think that every female-assigned-at-birth and every male-assigned-at-birth are sexual, mostly heterosexual. They place too much emphasis on biology. They are a-romantic realists. They accept the status quo without question. The funny thing is that they are highly intelligent. When it comes to politics, human psychology, and economics, they are fully aware of the lies the mass media presents and the connections with colonialism and white supremacy. But when it comes to gender politics, they are all of a sudden blind and deaf. They can’t seem to apply the same thinking to gender as to colonialism. Gender to them is something outside of politics, economics, sociology. They both have Phd’s.

My Dad has told me that his sisters, who were all born and grew up in Syria, cannot have children and they long to have a family and feel worthless because they aren’t mothers. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why he automatically associates being female with wanting to bear children.

But then he also once compared having stomach ache due to indigestion to having birthing cramps, so I’m not sure how sensitive he really is. He’s a comedian (at heart). He often makes fun of things like every comedian does, sometimes his sensitivity is suppressed just to make a ‘good’ joke. Ridiculing something is his way to make something funny or even bearable.

My Dad shrugs things off, my Mum dramatises them. I guess it’s up to me to find a middle ground.

the love of man

man finds out what attraction is


man knows what love is


The brave new world part III: The art of being

The last article has focused on transhumanist science and technology, on revolutionising our prospects of living, on using technology to change our human functions. The dilemma of human fragility (physical) and human grandeur (intellect), and human spirit (motivation) creates the desire in many people to strive for better quality of life, to facilitate living, to reach a utopia where death and disease canot enter.

The human shape, our molecules and muscles and nerves and biological functionings have a great bearing on this desire to reach new goals in understanding and changing ourselves. For if functioning is to be changed, that which performs the function may also be altered.

What is needed to get to the roots of our being, to grasp ourselves, and to adapt and progress? First we have to think differently of ourselves. Thinking is philosophy, the doorway to conceptualising the world. Thinking is being, for if we never think of ourselves as human, if we think of ourselves as animals, can we really be human?

Transhuman Art is, like many other movements, a manifestation of thought, a result about thinking about transhuman art. The yearning for new forms, new dialoggues, new definitions, and the striving for knowledge and desire to re-unite opposing or vexing aspects of life, have come together to form a ‘transhuman art’. Transhuman Art is a mirror of human desires and impulses, so it does not transcend the human, but it is a way to communicate very human concerns.

New Media such as 3DGraphics, videography, electronic art, animation, conceptual art, role playing, internet art, and body art, as well as more traditional styles such as printmaking, sculpture, drawing, painting, poetry, performance art and literature are used by scientists and non-scientist artists (transhumanist artists).

Just as in any art movement, there are various artists and styles, so there is a wide range of conveyed emotions and senses.

Links to transhumanist art websites (Please click ‘Open in New Tab’ to open in new tab, as I am currently having problems with the link function on wordpress): (Nano-tech art)
Nanomandala (spiritual side of Nano-tech)
Transhumanities (featured art styles and links)
dynamic body art (trans resistor radio interview)
Transhuman art gallery (featured artists)
Transhuman Art (featured artists)

My attempt at transhuman art:

future in our hand

humans and progress




from mystudentstruggles’: Socialisation: Part Two

Socialisation: Part Two.


My thoughts:

An objective and informative article about socialisation theories.
Made me shudder to think how much of this (socialisation) is going on in all levels of society, every single day of our lives. If we don’t stop, take in a deep breath and think for a minute about all the symbols and words that interfere in our identities, wherever we go in this Western world, we will easily lose our immunity to it. For what is our ‘culture’, what is our ‘modernisation’, what is ‘personal speech’ and ‘democracy’ when it comes down to lived experience? RHETORIC!

This is subtle oppression at its best and most viral.

Why not have ‘Neutrois’, ‘agender’ or ‘celibacy’ as categories instead of only Tags?

Accessing the Neutrois is a delicate issue.

I feel like the meaning of the term can only ever be grasped when it is seen or related to on some primal level, to be accessed through some back avenue.
Perhaps if one has their eyes crossed in a specific way and focuses on their peripheral vision or stares for hours at a blank wall, or goes to a psychic they will see a glimpse of the agender or even the Neutrois, because they exist on the periphery, that is where they can be found.

I dare you to step into their environment!

The Neutrois is like a U.F.O, only even less visisble. Sightings of it are minimal.
One questions its existence even if one is sitting right next to a Neutrois individual. One wonders: How do I really know you ae a Neutrois?
The answer is simple: because I say so!

But instead of confronting this person about personhood straight up, one looks at the person from the side, from the back, from a distance, from up close, one walks around this person a couple of times, sits back down, ponders, examines and evaluates…

Suddenly everyone’s a scientist!

So when (here on this blog) someone clicks the category Gender, they are re-directed to the Neutrois.

Agender as well as celibacy are words that suddenly come up when required, when the focus is on them, they are lurking in the blog, ready to be confronted. But they are versatile and timid, they are there suddenly, then they disappear again, sometimes they need to be coaxed to come out in the open and show themselves.

They are valuable little concepts that need to be highly (re)guarded. They are not merely a category…plain text.


feels like christmas

1. My dad has accepted and even supported my decision to have had double mastectomy without reconstruction. As long as I’m happy, he’s happy.

2. Almost my whole family is coming to visit soon, so there’s ample opportunity to make a new start, leave old ennuis behind, and just re-connect.

3. There’s more and more exposure of the Neutrois and the word ‘agender’. Even if a lot of it is bullshit written from the perspective of a cissie or someone who just likes to string a couple of words together and call this a researched article, it is still better than nothing and a great way of starting some discourse (heated discussion).

Whoever is listening: Hello!

Every Thug Is A Lady: Adventures without Gender : a book

Petition on ( vs. Fox News)

People who refuse to be in a ‘platonic’ (sexual speak: ‘non-sexual’) relationship and are ‘single’ (sexual speak: ‘alone’), who refuse to ‘have sex’ (sexual speak: ‘be intimate and loving’) and who call themselves ‘asexual’ (sexual speak: ‘freaks’) are in need of some support. They face just as much opposition as other groups and are often punished for their sexual orientation ‘because they are wrong, faulty, sick’ (sexual speak: ‘because we care for them so much’).

If it’s in your interest, you can now sign a petition on

Instead of talking about asexual people, talk to us!