TVIBA (the very insipiring blogger award): My justification for not accepting

by dominicdemeyn

I’ve recently been nominated for the very inspiring blogger award. I am not sure whether the rules allow me to mention this without having accepted them in full, but I need to to state my reasons why I am happy to have been nominated, but will not go through with the process a nomination acceptance would involve.

[Rules of the award:

[1. link back to the person that nominated you and  thank them

[2. post teh award image on your page

[3. tell 7 facts about yourself

[4. nominate 15 others and link to them

[5. notify these others of having been nominated and state the rules of the game


I felt really elated when I read about the award, especially because I have not been blogging for long and thought I would only get a lot of negative commentary and not much recognition at all. But when I looked a bit closer at the award and what it was, and read a little bit about it on the Net, I came back down to earth so to speak and thought about being an inspiring blogger a bit more. Is it one who blogs a lot, who is nice, who is capable of writing well, who talks about difficult topics?

I don’t really feel like an inspiring blogger, especially because I know myself and all my faults and problems and in the blogsphere, these are not really fully known or shown and I enjoy this anonymity.
I also couldn’t come up with 7 things about me without thinking of really embarassing or stupid things or unimportant things, and sharing that on this blog would’ve worsened my mood and worsened the blog.

I also couldn’t think of 15 blogs that inspire me, not because they don’t exist, but because I couldn’t think of inspiring blogs within a couple of seconds, couldn’t figure out exactly what they were called and couldn’t picture the people who write them.

Those who write inspiring blogs wouldn’t really need an award and especially not from me.

So, instead of changing the rules and not linking to other blogs or letting people know 7 or however many random things about me, I will not continue the award chain and rather say that I wish there was a very big like button (an extra like-button for an upgraded ‘like’) one could press instead of giving awards in a somewhat forced way.

For each person these ceremonies are different, and they are definitively uplifting, but they are also a responsibility to uphold the chain of awards, and therefore I am a bit critical of them. I am not critical of support, just of Internet gimmicks that have not been very well thought through.

I hope I haven’t insulted the award giver nor the ones who would’ve received my nomination had I continued the process, or other people who think differently about this. I was never a game player, and always used to spoil people’s fun…So that’s one token random thing about me….