Series I, Part IV: Back Home

by dominicdemeyn

back home-the den

…Home already.

He opened his eyes and looked around and found that nothing had changed. Except, his absence had made the colours of his home shine brighter.

He shut the door behind him and breathed in the air delightedly. Here was where he belonged. He was not away for very long but it seemed like an eternity. He sensed that he could enter different worlds whenever he wanted, but that he only wanted to be away from home if he could return to it.

So, he dropped his umbrella into the umbrella bucket in its umbrella corner, took off his boots and proceeded into the kitchen, where his friend was already waiting for him.

Ignomas Nobel started trembling, for he thought his friend was angry at him for being away and not telling him about it, going on this journey all by himself. The tea pot, cups, and a tray of biscuits were set upon the table, which stood steadily in the middle of the lighted room. The curtains were moving as a slight cool breeze came through the open window.

“Sorry I was away so long”, he stammered. “I know you must’ve been bored, but so was I, it was really boring”. “So have you got the sugar, then?”, his friend replied. “You were only gone for 5 minutes, so no point apologising”, he continued.

Mr. Nobel’s hands were empty and his head was spinning. He couldn’t understand that he was away for only 5 minutes. Fifteen perhaps, but not five. Were his adventures even that great if they didn’t take more than five minutes?

But then he looked in his pockets, and to his amazement, there were the sugar cubes his friend had requested.

“Well done, mate”, said his friend. “But why have you brought this Dandelion plant with you?”

Ignomas got up, stared out of the window and smiled. “Let me tell you a story that you won’t believe!” “When I closed the front door behind me on my way to the shops…”

“Oh, not one of your stories again….Oh well, go ahead then…”, countered the friend.

He was regaled with the amazing stories of Ignomas’s adventures; there were always new ones. He found himself stumbling into reverie as well, as his mind, in turn, was filled with creative scenes and special places that would welcome him, a stranger, too.

He was happy he had such a friend, who he could easily pass the time with. These two were never bored.