The Olympics are never over

by dominicdemeyn

Finally the Olympic games in London have come to an end.

But the real Olympics take place all over the planet, and don’t just end after a couple of weeks, and there are millions who take part without having been properly trained.

These aren’t games, either, but stark reality.

These ‘games’ often take place in places people rarely visit.

Disciplines include working hard long hours in sweat shops, or finding enough to eat to live through yet another gruesome day. Their champions set themselves the goal to not get beaten up and/or raped, to not get unjustly locked up, to not get shot or maimed. These athletes compete in events of Olympic proportions to not die in the streets or be overcome by depression and poverty and disease.

This requires just as much strength and determination, as much courage and skill as is needed to run fast in circles or jump over hurdles. The difference is that there are no crowds cheering and no medals to be one, and the rules are fairly simple, even a child would understand:

Whoever survives, is a winner.