link to an article by Gender Trender about pathologising a child’s behaviour

by dominicdemeyn

Here’s an article from GENDER TRENDER posted by GallusMag:

“Transgender Children”: Pathology of Childhood is NOT LOVE


It’s about a disturbed parent desperately trying to find help for her “transgendered child”.

Having detected signs of gender non-conform behaviour in her infant, then toddler, the woman seeks opinions and diagnoses from medical staff in order to treat her child.

Having come to the conclusion that her female child was, in fact, male-ish, she “…started letting Izzy be a boy at home…”.

My thoughts:

At first this seems touching, heart-warming that a mother would go to so much trouble to let her child be ‘a boy’. But taking a closer look at this scenario, this is not really about the child, about Izzy, at all. It’s about the parent, about the community.

Further down in the article, the proposed diagnosis requirements for pediatric sterilization of lesbians and gays are mentioned (diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association).

This is where the story really gets creepy. There are 8 criteria of which 6 have to be fulfilled for 6 months for a child to be diagnosed as being dis-ordered.

This word itself (dis-order) does not mean one has a disease, it means one does not fit the prescribed order. The order is as follows:

1. Do as you are told

2. Be who I want you to be

Pathologising a child for not conforming to these rules is laughable at best, criminal at worst. Especially when it comes to sex/gender roles. Children don’t even know what sex and gender means, so this, again, is not about a child’s welfare or self-expression, it’s about controllong behaviour.

If these adults treat children according to their own sick adult standards, then children should be allowed to decide for themselves what to do with their lives and there will no distinction anymore between childhood and adolescence. Childhood will be a thing of the past.