new product advertised on radical feminist’s blog, has the word ‘Neutrois’ in it

by dominicdemeyn

Oh, look what I found! A bit of advertisement for the Neutrois.

As a Neutrois I am thankful that someone as knowleadgable of ourselves as Against all Evidence has come up with this idea of a ‘Narcissistic Hipster Acne Wash’.

Not only have I become upgraded to a hipster (I will attempt to find out what that is asap), but also to ‘the nr. 1 queer theorist recommended’. It’s good to know what queer theorists recommend. Let me know of any queer theorist if you ever meet any, I would like to meet one, too!

Against All Evidence  is a wonderful blog and I especially like the posts on feminism and the movement for women’s liberation, because I fully support that and posts like the ones found on this site often make me really angry, almost make me weep, get me enraged, make me very emotional and wanting to know more.

To a redfem from THIS NEUTROIS: I do not support the patriarchy but neither am I in support of the matriarchy. I agree that men have ‘gone bad’ all over the world like an overripe fruit, but that does not make we want to be a woman and especially not a lesbian, because I am celibate, and lesbian sort of means having sex or at least feeling attracted to women, and I don’t like being called that or being expected to become that just because I don’t want to fuck with men, either. So, no thank you, radical feminists. I often read your blogs and marvel at your eloquence and insight into the power/gender politics, but for all your insight and revolutionary energy (which I also admire), you still fail to see other marginalised groups, people like me, ‘queer’ people, asexual people, people who don’t want to fit your agenda as much as they don’t want to fit other groups’ agendas.

It doesn’t mean I’m your enemy, but I am excluded from your own little circle of friends, just as I am looked at strangely by lots of trans women, by trans men, by gays and lesbians, by any binary-supportive system, by anyone who has sex, by anyone who doesn’t wear hats….

That is why I am NEUTROIS, I am a particular Neutrois, you can make fun of it all you want, but I’d prefer you focus on the real threat: the gender binary….oh wait, you’re part of it, I almost forgot.

But thanks for recommending this new product, it really appeals to me, it is orange-y (my favourite colour…oh no, have I reealed too much of myself?), and I do have a bit of skin impurity on my forehead, I tell myself it’s because I think too much, but it could also be just biological. I am sure other queer theorists with acne-related issues will also be happy to be able to purify themselves of skin impurities and I hope this product will take the market by storm and everyone can use it if they so desire. Have you tried it yourself since you are keen on sharing it with us?

Narcissistic Hipster Acne Wash