Why not have ‘Neutrois’, ‘agender’ or ‘celibacy’ as categories instead of only Tags?

by dominicdemeyn

Accessing the Neutrois is a delicate issue.

I feel like the meaning of the term can only ever be grasped when it is seen or related to on some primal level, to be accessed through some back avenue.
Perhaps if one has their eyes crossed in a specific way and focuses on their peripheral vision or stares for hours at a blank wall, or goes to a psychic they will see a glimpse of the agender or even the Neutrois, because they exist on the periphery, that is where they can be found.

I dare you to step into their environment!

The Neutrois is like a U.F.O, only even less visisble. Sightings of it are minimal.
One questions its existence even if one is sitting right next to a Neutrois individual. One wonders: How do I really know you ae a Neutrois?
The answer is simple: because I say so!

But instead of confronting this person about personhood straight up, one looks at the person from the side, from the back, from a distance, from up close, one walks around this person a couple of times, sits back down, ponders, examines and evaluates…

Suddenly everyone’s a scientist!

So when (here on this blog) someone clicks the category Gender, they are re-directed to the Neutrois.

Agender as well as celibacy are words that suddenly come up when required, when the focus is on them, they are lurking in the blog, ready to be confronted. But they are versatile and timid, they are there suddenly, then they disappear again, sometimes they need to be coaxed to come out in the open and show themselves.

They are valuable little concepts that need to be highly (re)guarded. They are not merely a category…plain text.