The brave new world part III: The art of being

by dominicdemeyn

The last article has focused on transhumanist science and technology, on revolutionising our prospects of living, on using technology to change our human functions. The dilemma of human fragility (physical) and human grandeur (intellect), and human spirit (motivation) creates the desire in many people to strive for better quality of life, to facilitate living, to reach a utopia where death and disease canot enter.

The human shape, our molecules and muscles and nerves and biological functionings have a great bearing on this desire to reach new goals in understanding and changing ourselves. For if functioning is to be changed, that which performs the function may also be altered.

What is needed to get to the roots of our being, to grasp ourselves, and to adapt and progress? First we have to think differently of ourselves. Thinking is philosophy, the doorway to conceptualising the world. Thinking is being, for if we never think of ourselves as human, if we think of ourselves as animals, can we really be human?

Transhuman Art is, like many other movements, a manifestation of thought, a result about thinking about transhuman art. The yearning for new forms, new dialoggues, new definitions, and the striving for knowledge and desire to re-unite opposing or vexing aspects of life, have come together to form a ‘transhuman art’. Transhuman Art is a mirror of human desires and impulses, so it does not transcend the human, but it is a way to communicate very human concerns.

New Media such as 3DGraphics, videography, electronic art, animation, conceptual art, role playing, internet art, and body art, as well as more traditional styles such as printmaking, sculpture, drawing, painting, poetry, performance art and literature are used by scientists and non-scientist artists (transhumanist artists).

Just as in any art movement, there are various artists and styles, so there is a wide range of conveyed emotions and senses.

Links to transhumanist art websites (Please click ‘Open in New Tab’ to open in new tab, as I am currently having problems with the link function on wordpress): (Nano-tech art)
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My attempt at transhuman art:

future in our hand

humans and progress