Brother and sister playing with a toy plane in front of relatives

by dominicdemeyn


brother gets all the attention through dashing through the house, shouting and screaming indiscriminately at everything in his path and letting fly the aeroplane he has been given by his relative, a possessive aunt.

He gets encouraged and responded to with laughter and cute name-calling.

Sister decides she wants some positive attention, too, and thinks by doing the same thing…even better…she will garner more attention and be the one who everyone decides is cute and worthy of praise.

As soon as she starts being boisterous like that, she gets called names, too, but not cute ones. She gets put back in her place for being so loud and unruly and getting into her brother’s space and having th audacity to play with him, that she is sorrowfuly perplexed.

She sits back down to ponder her misery and think about what names she’d call her relatives.