A milestone: 10545 words

by dominicdemeyn


I never thought I could write so many words in such a short time. It really helps to read the pep talks from the NanoWriMo writers and know that there are many others struggling with the amount of writing that’s to be done.

So the novel-for that’s what this is supposed to be-is slowly unfolding itself and I am holding the reigns loose so I can be more creative in the wriritng process.

I wonder what it all means in the end and would love to have someone analyse it from a different perspective, perhaps gain some insight into my mind.

If the novel is crap, in the end, or the characters are all unlikeable and the plot makes no sense at all, at least one can get a glimpse of the internal workings of one’s own mind. It’s also a great exercise to declutter one’s head of straying thoughts.

Reaching this milestone in my <life> has required more sugar than I usually eat, so I will not reward myself with a sugary treat.But  I can think of one sure way to receive a well-deserved reward: sleep.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have more words up my sleeve.