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Series I: Part V: The Dance

After having arrived safely home and having recounted all his stories, the adventurous Ignomas and his good-humoured companion did a little victory dance.

Series I, Part IV: Back Home

back home-the den

…Home already.

He opened his eyes and looked around and found that nothing had changed. Except, his absence had made the colours of his home shine brighter.

He shut the door behind him and breathed in the air delightedly. Here was where he belonged. He was not away for very long but it seemed like an eternity. He sensed that he could enter different worlds whenever he wanted, but that he only wanted to be away from home if he could return to it.

So, he dropped his umbrella into the umbrella bucket in its umbrella corner, took off his boots and proceeded into the kitchen, where his friend was already waiting for him.

Ignomas Nobel started trembling, for he thought his friend was angry at him for being away and not telling him about it, going on this journey all by himself. The tea pot, cups, and a tray of biscuits were set upon the table, which stood steadily in the middle of the lighted room. The curtains were moving as a slight cool breeze came through the open window.

“Sorry I was away so long”, he stammered. “I know you must’ve been bored, but so was I, it was really boring”. “So have you got the sugar, then?”, his friend replied. “You were only gone for 5 minutes, so no point apologising”, he continued.

Mr. Nobel’s hands were empty and his head was spinning. He couldn’t understand that he was away for only 5 minutes. Fifteen perhaps, but not five. Were his adventures even that great if they didn’t take more than five minutes?

But then he looked in his pockets, and to his amazement, there were the sugar cubes his friend had requested.

“Well done, mate”, said his friend. “But why have you brought this Dandelion plant with you?”

Ignomas got up, stared out of the window and smiled. “Let me tell you a story that you won’t believe!” “When I closed the front door behind me on my way to the shops…”

“Oh, not one of your stories again….Oh well, go ahead then…”, countered the friend.

He was regaled with the amazing stories of Ignomas’s adventures; there were always new ones. He found himself stumbling into reverie as well, as his mind, in turn, was filled with creative scenes and special places that would welcome him, a stranger, too.

He was happy he had such a friend, who he could easily pass the time with. These two were never bored.


Series I, Part III: the Dandelion

Having been conscious of nature’s energy and the subtle variations in energy forms, ignomas Nobel watched one of his favourite plants. He gazed at the delicate form of a lonesome dandelion. First he only recognised the general shape and the white fringes of petals.

But movement came into teh scene when the wind started whirling around. The petals lossened and revealed a curious freight. Tiny orange figures were hanging onto the petals and were lifted up in the air.

“Where were they heading?”, thought Ignomas to himself. “What would await them wherever they would land?”

He continued to watch in amazement as the figures slowly disappeared out of sight, seemingly kept aloft not only by the power of the wind, but by their own desire to travel to somewhere.

These little creatures reminded him that he, too, felt like he was out and about long enough. He had almost forgotten that he had a home and a garden to care for and friends of his own. He wondered how he would get back home now, he did not know the way, never really knew the way back.

But then he thought more about the little orange people and how they could just hang onto a fragment of life and transport to another place. Ignomas put all his mental energy into thinking about his own little place, his garden, his front porch. He thought abuot all the details he could muster, so as to make the image more real.

It did not take long and then he could actually feel what it was like to be back there, to sit in his resting cahir and read a good book or stand in the entrance way and put down his umbrella after a walk in the rain.

He felt like he was home already.




Nature is watching

As Ignomas Nobel walked up the stairs, the colours of his surroundings became less blurred. He recognized distinct shapes and familiar settings. Being a product of nature, he was intensely drawn to natural things, eventhough here, in this world, the abstract followed him wherever he went.

He felt a little bit like a foreigner, who was judged by the natives of the land for his Otherness. Usually he found peace and quiet in his little garden, where he would often go to meditate and cultivate plants that would give him pleasure (roses, lillies, daffodils and such) and sustenance (vegetables and fruits). But he was also  interested in other species of plant; he even owned a meat-eating plant that mostly cared for itself and was of not much practical value for Ignomas. And yet he cared.

This place felt like the presence of a plant that was capable of caring for itself. Here, several consciences met for the first time: the over-arching tree-forms and the comparatively little human-character-form of Ignomas Nobel. A stromg energy emanated from every object in this sphere, even the stones radiated pure life and a consience-energy that seemed to exceed that which was felt by Ignomas with living things in his home-town.

He resolved to let as much energy as he could into his own being without loosing that energy which he called his own, and which was always part of him. For there were many kinds of energy and conscience, that he knew. He was not, alas, able to bottle it up in a scientific and expedient way, but used his own physicality to carry this energy within him. There it would be safe, but there was a possibility that it would mix with his own and thereby be contaminated. How would he ever be able to know which energy was which if this happened? Mixing his and the tree- and othe life-forms’ energy could result in a new type, which even would not have been categorised yet.

Would it even be possible to take away something precious from this world and place it into his own? Would it survive or disintegrate? The best thing for now was to wander in the forests and fields of consciousness and absorb the pure fresh ether (living spirit) of its inhabitants. Their curiosity signalled to Ignomas that they, too, were wondering about this foreign creature and willing to communicate.

Series I: Part II: the indistinct (Reflection)

Ignomas Noble has travellled far and wide in search of something that will almost surely always escape him. That is one of the reasons why he keeps on seeking it. The sheep has left him; it just vanished into nothing when he forgot about it and turned his thoughts towards other things.

He has arrived at a place that looks familiar to him, but is very different: a lake with no opposite shore in sight. The water is like the colour of his pale skin, his image is reflected in the wavy surface. He thinks to himself how amazing it is, that in this weird land where everything is not as it seems, the indistinct reflection of his own self is so much akin to how he really is. Reality is in the bits and pieces that cannot really be distinctly perceived.

While the sombre trees frame the scene, and are bystanders to his reverie, brightly coloured stairs appear just in time to allow the wanderer to move on.

Series I: Part I: The black Sheep

This is the first slide of the series ‘Ignomas Nobel’s educational travels into the unconscious’


Ignomas Nobel is quite the character. Though he prefers a quiet and easy life he is often thrown into the most vexing and tumultous situations. Often unbeknown to himself, he often comes close to discovering the hidden truths of existence. Through his propensity for doing nothing for a long time, he transmits a special kind of energy that is then reflected back to him by his surroundings and ultimately puts him into a meditative state where he learns more about things he never really thinks about. These revelations seem to come from a hidden source.

In this world of wonders, objects have colours they don’t usually have. In this world, one needs not think about everyday existence, only the essential exists here. Oftentimes, Ignomas only obtains glimpses of this world, for it has the power to transform itself and is extremely fluid and cannot be fully grasped.

Ignomas ventures into this space, not with a conventional method of transportation such as a yellow submarine, but with a black sheep. This sheep conducts him to places he has never been before. It is difficult to see where he is going, as he is seated in a position that only really allows him to look behind. Ignomas’s ability to be apathetic and yet curious has brought him into contact with his travel companion and he is happy with going on this journey as long as it doesn’t provide him with physical discomfort.