bought a black ring, eventhough I’m not nearly as asexual as people on AVEN

by dominicdemeyn

So, a finally bought a black ring today. I’m wearing it on the middle finger of my right hand like I’m supposed to, to signify my disinterest in sexual activities (to promote asexualism).

I doubt people will understand or even care what it means, so I’ve thought up other methods to let them know how I feel about this topic:

What if I could just use a device that would give a person an electric shock, everytime they would think of a sexual act involving me. Just a thought would be enough to insult and put me at risk, so I would just trigger the device and out the thought would go. This could be repeated as many times as required to make the person understand (to educate them) of my desires, since they are so interested in desire in the first place.

I often have negative thoughts about people, too. I have my share of evil energy, believe you me! But mine differs slightly from a sexual person’s. I don’t want to torture people, I just want to kill them and get it over with. In addition, while I think of a fast and effective way of killing them (their bodies), they are attempting to kill my soul. While I want to get rid of them because they are a threat to my safety and sanity, they relish in my agony and take pleasure in inflicting physical pain. While killing them quickly will mean that they might suffer a little pain before they are dead, their actions will have repercussions and hurt a million more times after the event and haunt me for the rest of my life. Therefore, I believe my thoughts of killing them are far less damaging than their thoughts of sexualizing me.

Maybe I should change my attitude, and reject the idea of killing them (I don’t want to go to prison) to a more traditional idea which is just in line with their own philosophy: don’t necessarily kill, but conquer! I would love to introduce the idea of zapping sexual deviants (most sexual people, in my opinion) until they cannot articulate their needs or desires, just like so many females in the world.

After having read a bit of Andrea Dworkin’s ‘intercourse’ series, and having been part of the AVEN community, I really wonder WHY CAN’T WE JUST ADMIT THAT WE DON’T LIKE SOMETHING?

Why do we always have to be either neutral or activiely like and endorse a product or activity? Children complain about vegetables (and they are even good for them) and nobody harasses them for it. Am I not allowed to say I hate something (something and not someone)? Why am I not allowed to express my ideas? Why can I not say I’m anti-something? All I’m saying to people is “I really hate this, I don’t want this and I really want you to know and accept that”.

I aspire to be a neutral, but that doesn’t mean I have no likes/dislikes or personality or personal rights. I would like to neutralise gender and sex, not my personal freedom of expression!!

I am wearing this ring in case anyone knows what it signifies and if someone asks, I will not hesitate to explain the details, that I’m not asexual (as in neither like nor dislike sex and am neither for or against it) but that I’m highly antagonistic to sexual activity and thought, highly antisexual. There’s a big difference there, and although I know I tend to the extremes (as in highly anti-), I also think that people all over the world should be allowed and even encouraged to express their sexual preferences OR LACK THEROF.

Maybe people are so scared of others expressing their sentiments for fear of starting something that will eventually not be stopped by commercialising people’s bodies and constant brainwashing; an acknowledgment of personal freedom (from hegemony and platitudes). If some individuals start criticising the institution (to which sexuality belongs) then maybe more will follow. And then what? Of course, the world will come to an end (and people with female genitalia or gender all over the world will gain more confidence and more rights). Oh my God, what a horrible thought that is….not. So forgive me for advocating the anti-sexual stance (yet another term, like Neutrois, and non-gender, and freedom) that does not really exist. But it doesn’t mean that it’ll be suppressed forever.

Some day I’ll be able to say “I don’t agree with phallocentric ideas” and I will not be scolded, but applauded.

“noone ever told me I had the right to say something!”